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13 Sep 2016Organic Soils of Malaysia

This is the FIRST book dedicated to tropical peat and its behavior when cultivated with oil palm. It gives insight into the characteristics of tropical lowland peat soils and shows how they can be mapped, identified and classified.

03 Aug 2016Pictorial Guide To Oil Palm Cultivation and Mammalian Pests (including their management)

by CHUNG Gait Fee, LEE Chin Tui and CHEE Kheng Hoy. Publisher: ACT. Edition: First edition (2016). Paperback: 394 pages. Language: English. ISBN: 978-983-43384-4-2. Dimensions: 15 cm x 21 cm x 1. 25 cm. Weight: 840 g. Price: US$50. 00 "Just like the earlier sister book, Pictorial Guide to Common Weeds of Plantations also by ACT, this book is both a beauty and a beast, a coffee-table book packed with pictures and information on oil palm cultivation and mammalian pests of oil palm.

Selected Papers on Soil Science: Problem Soils

Compiled by: S. Paramananthan Publisher: ACT and Param Agricultural Soil Surveys (June 2014) Paperback: 107 pages Language: English ISBN: 978-983-43384-3-5 Dimensions: 25 cm x 19 cm x 0. 75 cm Price: US$10. 00 Soils are the foundation on which sustainable agriculture can be practiced. It is important to know the soils found on a piece of land and their properties to help decide which is the most economical crop best suited for the area.

Oil Palm: Management for Large and Sustainable Yields

Edited by T. H. Fairhurst and R. Härdter Paperback: 382 pages Language: English ISBN: 981-04-8485-2 Dimensions: 25 cm x 17. 5 cm x 2 cm Weight: 950 g Price: US$35. 00 A review of this publication was published in J. Plant Nutr. Soil Sci. Click here to read the review. Contents at a glance Main section Introduction by R. Härdter and T. Fairhurst Botanical Aspects of the Oil Palm Relevant to Crop Management by S. K. Ng, H. von Uexküll and R. Härdter Land Selection for Oil Palm by S.

Specialty Coffee: Managing Quality

The more we searched for information on coffee quality,the more we realized that a superb cup of coffee depends on a complex of processes along the supply chain that allows little margin for error at any stage. Furthermore, as so often occurs when personal preferences and tastes are involved in defining quality, the process of producing magnificent coffees is as much an art as a science.

Rice: Nutrient Disorders & Nutrient Management

A. Dobermann and T. Fairhurst. 2001. PPI/PPIC, Singapore and IRRI, Philippines. 191p. ISBN 981-04-2742-5. 190 mm x 250 mm. Includes CD-ROM. The book provides guidelines for detecting nutrient deficiency and toxicity symptoms and managing nutrients in rice grown in tropical and subtropical regions. To enhance the readers’ understanding of the subject, the book also discusses the function of nutrients in the rice plant. possible causes of nutrient deficiencies.

Oil Palm: Best Management Practices for Yield Intensification

by T. H. Fairhurst and W. Griffiths Paperback: 180 pages Language: English ISBN: 978-983-44503-1-1 Dimensions: 24 cm x 16. 5 cm x 1. 5 cm Weight: 530 g Price: US$40. 00 This book represents a culmination of the past 10 years of research and practical experience we have gained on refining Best Management Practices (BMPs) and developing a process to deploy them successfully in order to improve yields in Southeast Asia.

Agronomic Principles & Practices of Oil Palm Cultivation

~ OUT OF PRINT ~ Description: Hard cover; 771 pages; in English language; dimensions 20. 0 x 31. 0 x 4. 0 cm; weight 1. 7 kg Price: US$50. 00 This book brings together the reviewed and edited papers presented at the seminar on Agronomic Principles and Practices of Oil Palm Cultivation held in Sarawak on 13-16 October 2008.

Mucuna bracteata: A Cover crop and Living Green Manure

~ OUT OF PRINT ~ Description: Hard cover; 183 pages; in English language; dimensions 16. 0 x 23. 5 x 1. 5 cm; weight 410 g Price: US$ 30. 00 This book contains reviewed and edited papers presented at the seminar on Mucuna bracteata: A Cover Crop and Living Green Manure (29th November 2006, Sg. Tekam, Pahang) plus a new chapter on “The cultivation of Mucuna bracteata – A pictorial guide”, Q&A session and 102 color photographs.

Pictorial Guide to Common Weeds of Plantations and Their Control

by G. F. Chung, C. T. Lee, S. B. Chiu and K. H. Chee ~ The 2ND REPRINT (2017) is now available ~ Publisher: Agricultural Crop Trust (ACT) Hardcover: 354 pages Language: English ISBN: 978-983-43384-2-8 Dimensions: 21 cm x 15 cm x 2 cm Weight: 740 g Price: US$ 60. 00 This book is an identification guide for some of the more common weeds in pictorial form with a section on weed management that has tables of herbicides for controlling specific categories of weeds.