Selected Papers on Soil Science: Problem Soils

Compiled by: S. Paramananthan

Publisher: ACT and Param Agricultural Soil Surveys (June 2014) 
Paperback: 107 pages 
Language: English
ISBN: 978-983-43384-3-5 
Dimensions: 25 cm x 19 cm x 0.75 cm 
Price: US$10.00 

Soils are the foundation on which sustainable agriculture can be practiced. It is important to know the soils found on a piece of land and their properties to help decide which is the most economical crop best suited for the area. A knowledge of the limitations a soil has will help the user or agronomist develop good sustainable agricultural practices for the crop planted. Having been developed over different climatic and environmental conditions, tropical soils are distinctly different from temperate soils . Many tropical soils are considered problem soils which need special management practices to maximize yields. Unfortunately many textbooks on soils today are based on temperate soils. Here the publishers have compiled a collection of papers, which may not be readily accessible, in an attempt to help bridge the gap in our knowledge. Through this compilation of papers on some problem soils such as peat, sandy soils and acid sulfate soils, the publishers hope to help improve agricultural practices and to promote efficient sustainable use of our natural resources for agriculture. 

Paper 1   Sustainable Land and Water Management – Key to the Survival of Mankind - S. Paramananthan

Paper 2   Tropical Lowland Peats: To Conserve or Develop Them? - S. Paramananthan

Paper 3   Managing Sandy Soils of the Tropics for Oil Palm Cultivation - S. Paramananthan

Paper 4   Need for a Unified Classification of Acid Sulfate Soils of Malaysia - S. Paramananthan and U.T. Pupathy

Paper 5   Agro‐Management for Oil Palms Planted on Acid Sulfate Soils - U.T. Pupathy and S. Paramanantha

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