Oil Palm: Management for Large and Sustainable Yields

Edited by T.H. Fairhurst and R. Härdter

Paperback: 382 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 981-04-8485-2
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Contents at a glance
Main section
    • Introduction by R. Härdter and T. Fairhurst
    • Botanical Aspects of the Oil Palm Relevant to Crop Management by S.K. Ng, H. von Uexküll and R. Härdter
    • Land Selection for Oil Palm by S. Paramananthan
    • The Search for Yield in Oil Palm: Basic Principles by K. Breure
    • Clonal Oil Palm: Production, Yield Performance and Nutritional Requirements by S.K. Ng, K.C. Thong, C.H. Khaw, H.S.H. Ooi, K.Y. Leng, P. Kayaroganam, H. von Uexküll and R. Härdter
    • Standard Agronomic Procedures and Practices by R.A. Gillbanks
    • Legume Cover Plants by K.E. Giller and T. Fairhurst
    • Canopy Management to Optimize Yield by H. von Uexküll, I.E. Henson and T. Fairhurst
    • The Role of Nutrition in Disease Control by P. Turner
    • General Oil Palm Nutrition – by K.J. Goh and R. Härdter
    • Assessment of Oil Palm Fertilizer Requirements by H. Foster
    • Design and Analysis of Fertilizer Experiments by R. Verdooren
    • Fertilizing for Maximum Return by K.J. Goh, R. Härdter and T Fairhurst
    • Utilization of Field Residues and Mill By-Products by M. Redshaw
    • A Conceptual Framework for Precision Agriculture in Oil Palm Plantations by T. Fairhurst, I. Rankine, A.G. Kerstan, V. McAleer, C Taylor and W. Griffiths
Color Plates- a 16-page photo gallery that includes
    • Satellite image of an oil palm plantation; maps generated using OMP software,
    • Nutrient deficiency symptoms,
    • Abnormalities of genetic and pathological origin,
    • Nursery selection.

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