Agronomic Principles & Practices of Oil Palm Cultivation


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This book brings together the reviewed and edited papers presented at the seminar on Agronomic Principles and Practices of Oil Palm Cultivation held in Sarawak on 13-16 October 2008. The authors are experts and practitioners who in their papers condensed and emphasized the most critical factors in agronomy, technologies and practices relevant to efficient and effective inputs in oil palm plantations. This book strives to present the latest agro-management findings on oil palm cultivation and includes much of the “grey literature” in the oil palm research community. This account of agronomic principles and practices of oil palm cultivation provides adequate breadth and depth of knowledge for readers to have a better understanding and wider picture of oil-palm agro-management. There are 6 pictorial guides and over 330 colored photographs to illustrate the crucial recommended practices for sustainable oil palm cultivation.

Title Index:
  • Climatic requirements of oil palm
  • Soil requirements and land evaluation for oil palm for high yields
  • Water requirements and cycling of oil palm
  • Nursery practices for production of superior oil palm planting materials
  • Agronomic principles and practices of replanting oil palm
  • Agronomic principles and practices of groundcover management of oil palm
  • Agronomic principles and practices of fertilizer management of oil palm
  • Concept of site yield potential and its applications in oil palm plantations
  • Fertilizer recommendation systems for oil palm: Estimating the fertilizer rates
  • Principles and practices of integrated pest management in oil palm
  • Agronomic principles and practices of oil palm ganoderma disease management
  • Soil and water conservation under oil palm cultivation
  • Digital technology and oil palm cultivation
  • Managing sandy soils of the tropics for oil palm cultivation
  • Managing limestone (coral derived) soils under oil palm
  • Managing soils on hilly and steep terrain under oil palms
  • Managing coastal and alluvial soils under oil palm
  • Agro-management of peat soils under oil palm in Sarawak
  • Compilation of pictorial guide and essay on some agronomic practices of oil palm

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