03 Aug 2016

Pictorial Guide To Oil Palm Cultivation and Mammalian Pests (including their management)

by CHUNG Gait Fee, LEE Chin Tui and CHEE Kheng Hoy.

Publisher: ACT.
Edition: First edition (2016).
Paperback: 394 pages.
Language: English.
ISBN: 978-983-43384-4-2.
Dimensions: 15 cm x 21 cm x 1.25 cm.
Weight: 840 g.
Price: US$50.00

"Just like the earlier sister book, Pictorial Guide to Common Weeds of Plantations also by ACT, this book is both a beauty and a beast, a coffee-table book packed with pictures and information on oil palm cultivation and mammalian pests of oil palm.

The book is written with confidence and clarity that comes with hands-on experience of the three authors. It is certainly produced with a heart for the planter.

Planters will certainly love to pick up this pictorial guide because it looks and feels like a magazine. Then, they can select the relevant information to suit their needs. Planters aside, family members and friends will also be attracted to the lovely pictures, and especially to the montage of photos on both covers.

If planters fall for the pictures in this book, then more than half the battle is already won. Imagine asking ourselves to pick up a text book, much less read it! The pictorial guide is half A4 size which makes it so easy to hold; and the photos will wow and delight you to no end. It has colored book marks on the margin for quick and easy access to each of the four parts: Oil Palm Cultivation; Rats; Other Mammalian Pests; and Miscellaneous Items." - - Mr. CHIU Sheng Bin, ACT


    • Climate and soil
    • Botany
    • Commercial planting materials
    • Nursery
    • New planting and replanting
    • Immature plantings
    • Mature plantings
    • Pictures - oil palm cultivation

    • Rat incidence in oil palm
    • Recognition of rat species
    • Damage symptoms caused by rats
    • Signs of rat activity
    • Rat population estimation by Catch Marked Release (CMR) techniques
    • Effect of rat damage on crop losses
    • Natural control of rats
    • Management approach to control oil palm rats

    • Squirrels
    • Porcupines
    • Wild pigs
    • Monkeys
    • Elephants
    • Cattle
    • Buffaloes
    • Goats
    • Sheep

    • Glossary
    • Abbreviations
    • References
    • Books for further reading
    • Scientific names index
    • Common names index
    • Malay names index
    • Chinese names index
    • General index
    • List of active ingredients and trade names of rodenticides or rat baits
    • Acknowledgement
    • Note

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