28 Sep 2016

WEBINAR Recording : First Step To High Oil Palm Yield - A Good Nursery

by Mr. Christopher Richard Donough

Production of high quality oil palm seedlings from a well-managed oil palm nursery is one of the first steps in establishing a plantation capable of producing high oil palm yield. Mistakes at this initial step may impact the entire cycle of oil palm production. Mr. Donough will discuss current best practices for managing oil palm nurseries, including ongoing work in the field by IPNI that supports development of BMPs for oil palm nursery nutrient management based on the principles of 4R Nutrient Stewardship.

If you have missed Mr. Christopher Donough's webinar on 28 September 2016, you may view the recording here:

(The same topic in Bahasa Indonesia "Langkah Awal untuk memperoleh produksi tinggi – Pembibitan yang bagus" was presented by Bapak Hendra Sugianto on 21 December 2016 at http://seap.ipni.net/article/SEAP-3249)

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