Library - 2018 September

New Entries

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IPNI Library New Entries - 2018 Sep.pdfIPNI Library New Entries - 2018 Sep.pdf

Along with each IPNI SEAP quarterly library update from 2018 Q1, we would spotlight a library that we love...

In this edition we feature the breathtaking futuristic library of 'Tianjin Binhai Library' in Tianjin, China, designed by Dutch architect MVRDV.
When seen from the park outside, the library resembles a giant eye and has, therefore, been dubbed “The Eye of Binhai”. Inside the library a bright white atrium surrounds a huge, gleaming white spherical auditorium at the center of the room. The encircling wall appears to be covered with row upon swirling row of colorful books stacked on a continuous wave of curving, terraced shelves, making visitors feel lost in an undulating sea of words.
('Binhai' means the coast, refering to the coastal zone where the library is part of an ambitious urban cultural center development in the city of Tianjin).

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