Planters' Diary 2018

The 2018 Planters' Diary has eleven short agronomy-related articles inserted into each month of the diary:

1) Fertilizer management and nutrient use efficiency of oil palm
Insert 01.pdfInsert 01.pdf

2) Snapshot of agriculture in Bangladesh
Insert 02.pdfInsert 02.pdf

3) IPNI - Vietnamese nutrient knowledge alliance
Insert 03.pdfInsert 03.pdf

4) How Burmese farmers look at fertilizer use
Insert 04.pdfInsert 04.pdf

5) How cassava responds to fertilizer applications
Insert 05.pdfInsert 05.pdf

6) Scaling of fertilizer recommendations for maize
Insert 06.pdfInsert 06.pdf

7) Zero plots in commercial operations – essential for changing fertilizer management
Insert 07.pdfInsert 07.pdf

8) Bold approaches to fertilizer use: Estate Scale Experimentation
Insert 08.pdfInsert 08.pdf

9) Estimating land use and fertilizer requirements in Southeast Asia: the oil palm example
Insert 09.pdfInsert 09.pdf

10) Cacao fertilizer response to various environments in Indonesia
Insert 10.pdfInsert 10.pdf

11) Importance of erosion control for cassava fertilizer use efficiency
Insert 11.pdfInsert 11.pdf

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