01 Nov 2017

IPNI announced 2017 Scholar Award winners

Hayat Ullah named the Southeast Asian award recipient

November 1, 2017. Penang, Malaysia – The International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) has announced the winners of the 2017 IPNI Scholar Award. A total of 37 graduate students, representing 20 countries, were chosen.

“The selection committee was challenged by a record response by applicants,” said Dr. Terry L. Roberts, IPNI President. “Each IPNI Scholar should be proud of their accomplishment. They have each demonstrated an impressive body of work and are already contributing greatly to the field of plant nutrition,” said Roberts.

The global representation of universities and the wide array of fields of study submitted were impressive. The selection committee, which consists of IPNI scientific staff from all regions, goes through a rigorous selection process with strict guidelines to select the winners.

“We are pleased with the strong interest for the Award from Southeast Asia and our heartiest congratulations to Mr. Hayat Ullah from the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, for winning the sole 2017 Scholar Award for this region,” said Dr. Thomas Oberthür, IPNI Director of Southeast Asia Program.

<< Mr. Hayat Ullah

Mr. Hayat Ullah is working towards his Ph.D. in food and agriculture and bioresources. His dissertation is titled “Evaluation of Different Nutrient Management Strategies for Rice Cultivation in the Context of Decreasing Water Availability.” Mr. Hayat’s research was designed to evaluate different possible nutrient management strategies for rice, a staple food in Asia, under different water saving cultivation techniques. One of his goals for the future is to meet an expanding demand for plant health management specialists to promote food security and food safety on a global scale.

The IPNI Scholar Award is an annual competition open to graduate students from universities and agricultural research centers. Graduate students in the disciplines of soil and plant sciences including agronomy, horticulture, ecology, soil fertility, soil chemistry, crop physiology, and other areas related to plant nutrition are eligible to apply. US$2,000 will be awarded directly to winners with no specific duties required of them. More information is available from the IPNI website: www.ipni.net/scholar/learn
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Dr. Thomas Oberthür, IPNI Director of Southeast Asia Program
Email: toberthur@ipni.net

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