2016 in PHILIPPINES: Scaling of Maize Fertilizer Recommendations Philippines

Project code: PHI-06

The project provides a model for scaling 4Rs in maize through the use of Nutrient Expert Maize recommendations by members of smallholder cooperatives, by building capacity of farmer leaders in using Nutrient Expert.

Implementation is from October 2016 to December 2017 in the Philippines.

Treatment overview:
Field validation of Nutrient Expert Maize – Philippines through the regional offices of the Department of Agriculture has demonstrated that it is an effective tool in providing recommendations that help farmers improve maize yields and farming profitability. The NE recommendation is tailored to field-specific conditions and includes prescriptions on 4Rs (right source, rate, time, and place). The participating cooperatives have been identified/nominated by the project sponsor, Universal Harvester, Inc. (UHI), who is supplying fertilizers to the cooperatives. The project includes:
(a) training of lead farmers in the cooperatives and agronomic staff of UHI on the use of Nutrient Expert and enable them to develop recommendations to cooperative members and
(b) monitoring of the impact of Nutrient Expert recommendations on yield, nutrient use and fertilizer sales.

Results to date:
The project started in October 2016.
(1) In October, a project protocol was developed and discussed with UHI. It was followed by a Nutrient Expert training and project briefing of 23 coop representatives from four cooperatives.
(2) In November, three coops were visited for farmer meetings, development of NE recommendations, and briefing of lead farmers (i.e. Cluster leaders; each Cluster leader looks after 10-20 farmers). A total of 197 farmers participated and received NE recommendations.
(3) In December, project staff visited the field trials; 48 farmers from two cooperatives have already planted at that time. Project updates (i.e. 2 trip reports and 3 task reports) have been shared with UHI.

Scaling of maize fertilizer recommendations through smallholder cooperatives are on track.

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