Planters' Diary 2017

The 2017 Planters' Diary has eleven short agronomy-related fact sheets inserted into each month of the diary:

1) Plant nutrients exported in palm oil
January 2017.pdfJanuary 2017.pdf

2) Bio-physical land suitability for oil palm in Ghana
February 2017.pdfFebruary 2017.pdf

3) Homologous Events and water stress in oil palm
March 2017.pdfMarch 2017.pdf

4) Maize: attainable yields in Southeast Asia
April 2017.pdfApril 2017.pdf

5) Nutrient Expert® Data Analytics
May 2017.pdfMay 2017.pdf

6) Land areas and nutrient demands for important crops in Southeast Asia
June 2017.pdfJune 2017.pdf

7) Review: 4R Plant Nutrition Manual - A Manual for Improving the Management of Plant Nutrition
July 2017.pdfJuly 2017.pdf

8) Country Snapshot: Vietnam
August 2017.pdfAugust 2017.pdf

9) Nutrient management in oil palm replanting
September 2017.pdfSeptember 2017.pdf

10) Importance of potassium in cassava
October 2017.pdfOctober 2017.pdf

11) Economics of improved fertilizer recommendations in annual crops
November 2017.pdfNovember 2017.pdf

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