20 Dec 2016

Department of Agriculture, Philippines Hosts Nutrient Expert® Maize Launch with University of the Philippines Los Baños and International Plant Nutrition Institute

December 20, 2016. Penang, MalaysiaNutrient Expert® (NE) for Maize was launched in November this year in the Philippines by the Department of Agriculture - Bureau of Agricultural Research (DA-BAR) together with University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) and International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI). Aimed at target users in the local government and private sector, this event showcased the ability of NE for Maize to optimize fertilizer recommendations for maize based on the principles of 4R Nutrient Stewardship (i.e., applying the right source of nutrient, at the right rate, right time, and in the right place).

(From left to right: Dr. Teodoro S. Solsoloy, BAR Assistant Director; Dr. Apolonio Ocampo, SSNM Maize Project Leader (UPLB); Dr. Artemio Salazar, DA-National Corn and Cassava Program Technical Working Group member (UPLB); Dr. Antonio Gerundio, DA-National Corn Program Head Secretariat; Dr. Mirasol Pampolino, IPNI Southeast Asia Program Deputy Director)

Dr. M. Pampolino, Deputy Director of IPNI Southeast Asia Program, calls NE for Maize unique. She explained, “it makes knowledge about site-specific nutrient management actionable for maize smallholders,” and added, “The event started a much-needed dialogue on how to make responsible fertilizer recommendations from Nutrient Expert® for Maize widely available to smallholders.”

Nutrient Expert® Maize–Philippines was developed to enable local extension workers and farmer leaders to quickly formulate fertilizer guidelines for hybrid, open-pollinated and traditional varieties of maize. It is a product of collaborative field research between the DA-BAR, UPLB, and IPNI. This tool can be used in Android and PC platforms and can be downloaded for free at http://software.ipni.net.

The launch was attended by representatives of the National Corn Program, Department of Agriculture regional field offices, Bureau of Soil and Water Management, PhilMaize, Atlas Fertilizer Corporation, local government units, selected maize farmers across the country, and the media. The program included presentations on results from maize nutrition trials and field validation of NE, followed by a demonstration of the tool. Copies of NE Maize were distributed to participants. The event made it possible for participants to share their experiences in using NE Maize. In addition, representatives from the regional maize programs took the opportunity to share their plans in promoting the tool in their respective regions.

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Dr. Mirasol Pampolino, IPNI Deputy Director of Southeast Asia Program
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