31 May 2016

Plantation Intelligence® in INFOSAWIT - Part 3 of 3 (in Bahasa Indonesia)

Kelapa Sawit di Persimpangan Jalan: Peranan Plantation Intelligence® Dalam Mendukung Perubahan, Keuntungan dan Keberlanjutan -- Langkah-Langkah Proses Pengembangan "Plantation Intelligence®"

INFOSAWIT is a monthly Indonesian palm oil magazine.

This article is extracted with permission from INFOSAWIT, Vol. X, No. 05, May 2016 edition. Copyright 2016 PT. Mitra Media Nusantara.

Read the whole series of this article >> PI in InfoSawit Jan-Mar2016 (Part1-3).pdfPI in InfoSawit Jan-Mar2016 (Part1-3).pdf

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