05 Aug 2014

Recent Oil Palm Conference in Bali, huge showcase for IPNI SEAP

August 5, 2014. Penang, Malaysia – International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) Southeast Asia Program (SEAP) made their presence felt at the recent International Oil Palm Conference in Bali between 17 to 19 June this year. The conference organized by the Indonesian Oil Palm Research Institute (IOPRI) with the theme “Green palm oil for food security and renewable energy” attracted more than 800 participants from 20 countries.

Aimed at highlighting current trends and issues in the oil palm industry, the event served as a platform for the exchange of ideas among researchers and R&D users. IPNI SEAP presented three papers (attached below) on Plantation Intelligence as a way to support profit and sustainability, increasing palm oil yields by measuring oil recovery efficiency and oil palm yields in West Africa - all representing most recent insights from IPNI SEAP’s research and development theme “Sustainable Intensification”. Two posters (attached below) on the growth of oil palm seedlings and improvements to 4R nutrient stewardship management were also presented. Of these, “Growth of oil palm seedlings influenced by nursery practices in Malaysia and Indonesia” by C. Donough and colleagues received second prize in the Best Poster category. This poster was an excellent example of IPNI SEAP’s collaboration with oil palm plantation partners.

These topics generated extensive interest from the participants. The papers were in great demand and several post-session discussions were conducted with the speakers. The IOPRI Conference proved to be a huge opportunity for IPNI SEAP to share with the industry, new and improved R&D options for increasing profits while maintaining sustainability.

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