21 Apr 2014

***DRAFT*** IPNI Cocoa Care Project in Indonesia

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Sulawesi is the heart of Indonesia cocoa production, accounting for 65% of the total national production. At the end of 1990s, Indonesia cocoa production reached close to 700,000 tons per annum. By 2013, pests and poor farm management reduced cocoa production to about 420,000 tons per annum. Many cocoa farmers are in danger of being trapped in a downward spiral. Yet, cocoa remains a crucial component for farmers’ livelihood.

Cocoa Care is a scalable sustainability program aimed at raising the living standards and productivity of cocoa farmers in Sulawesi. Together with private and institutional partners, it is helping poor farming families reach a better economic future by providing farm management training with necessary tools and community support.

IPNI Cocoa Care is a joint project between International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) Southeast Asia Program and CSI Cocoa Care. IPNI engages Cocoa Care on soil rehabilitation; having identified this as an opportunity to develop sustainable intensification of cacao systems around good agricultural practices, including nutrition, using farmer-led experimentation as the mechanism to increase cacao yield and quality, as well as the income of farmers.

Please read our introduction into this fascinating project that integrates research, livelihood improvement and rural development. We look forward to your comments and suggestions. Soon, we will release here as well the first impact assessment story, so please stay tuned.

With thanks for your continued on-going support. - Thomas Oberthür, Director IPNI Southeast Asia Program

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