Planters' Diary 2014

January - Simulated potential oil palm yields: Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Sulawesi

January_Potential Oil Palm Yields.pdfJanuary_Potential Oil Palm Yields.pdf

February - Why farmers experiment, and why scientists should take note of it

February_Why Farmers Experiment.pdfFebruary_Why Farmers Experiment.pdf

March - Leaf nutrient analysis as a management tool in yield intensification of oil palm

March_Leaf Nutrient Analysis.pdfMarch_Leaf Nutrient Analysis.pdf

April - The importance of in-field bunch analyses for plantation management

April_In-Field Bunch Analysis.pdfApril_In-Field Bunch Analysis.pdf

May - Fertilizer recovery efficiency in oil palm

May_Fertilizer Recovery Efficiency.pdfMay_Fertilizer Recovery Efficiency.pdf

June - Bulk blending of fertilizers for improved fertilization in oil palm

June_Fertilizer Bulk Blending.pdfJune_Fertilizer Bulk Blending.pdf

July - Economics of improved fertilizer recommendations in annual crops

July_Economics of Fertilizer Recommendations.pdfJuly_Economics of Fertilizer Recommendations.pdf

August - Myanmar: A country with agricultural growth potential

August_Myanmar Growth Potential.pdfAugust_Myanmar Growth Potential.pdf

September - Innovative approaches to intensification of oil palm growing systems

September_Innovative Oil Palm Intesification.pdfSeptember_Innovative Oil Palm Intesification.pdf

October - Adapting Nutrient Expert® for Maize in India: A success story

October_Nutrient Expert in India.pdfOctober_Nutrient Expert in India.pdf

November - Updates: International Plant Nutrition Institute, Southeast Asia Program (IPNI SEAP)

November_IPNI SEAP Updates.pdfNovember_IPNI SEAP Updates.pdf

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