Oil Palm: Nutrient Disorders and Nutrient Management

T. Fairhurst, J.P. Caliman, R. Härdter and C. Witt. 2005. PPI/PPIC-IPI, Singapore. 118p. ISBN 981-05-2452-8. 105mm x 148 mm. Full color with lamination, wire-O binding.

Contents at a glance

Main text section: 67p

  • Field monitoring – marking palms for leaf sampling in leaf sampling units; quantitative survey of nutrient deficiency symptoms; localized leaf and soil sampling and analyses.
  • Nutrient deficiency symptoms – nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, boron, copper, iron, and sulfur.
  • Nutrient disorders – white stripe, abnormalities of genetic origin, abnormalities due to pests and diseases, and drought-related damage.
  • Reference tables – soil fertility for oil palm, leaf levels for oil palm and cover plants; nutrient removal, immobilization and recycling in adult oil palms in Malaysia; nutrient sources.

Color annex: 51 pages
  • Diagnostic keys – for identifying nutrient deficiencies in oil palm and legume cover plants.
  • Color photographs – for identifying nutrient deficiencies, diseases and disorders, and other important field management practices.
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  • This edition of the book will be translated into Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Earlier editions of this book are also available in Bahasa Indonesia, French, Spanish and Thai.

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