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Hendra Sugianto

Hendra Sugianto is a citizen of Indonesia, born and raised in the city of Pontianak in West Kalimantan Province. He has a bachelor's degree in Soil Science from Tanjungpura University in 1997 and Master's Degree in Plantation Management from INSTIPER in 2012. Since 1997, he has worked with several major oil palm plantation companies in Indonesia, undertaking jobs in research & advisory services, as well as estate and general management. He first served 4 years the Research Centre of Asian Agri group, during which he was involved in agronomy research and undertook advisory duties for several estates in the Sumatra Region, as well as for other plantations under AA group’s agronomy advisory service. In 2002, Hendra joined Sawit Mas Group, serving 3 years as agronomist, then as field manager in his last year with the company. In 2006, He joined Sampoerna Agro as Research Manager at Central Kalimantan. In 2011, Hendra joined Sumber Tani Agung Group as Agronomy Advisor in Medan, where he was also responsible for the Business and QSHE (Quality Safety Health & Environment) Departments. In January 2013, he joined Palma Group as General Manager Plantation in Sulawesi, before moving to their Jakarta HQ as Agronomy Division Head. In July 2014, Hendra started working as an advisor for IPNI SE Asia Program in oil palm projects in Indonesia.